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Buddy List

Gary Freeman is an undergraduate studying real estate law. He has a passion for two things, his family and the law as it relates to real estate. I have known him for a while now and find him a storehouse of valuable information. Gary is married and has 2 daughters. 

Linda Hopskins is the oldest of the lot in my buddy list. She is a mother of 3 handsome little boys. Together with her husband, Richard Hopskins, Linda owns and runs a large realtor firm. She has a knack of estimating hot property and has made fortunes in the real estate business. 4 years ago Linda opened a mortgage firm that is solely dedicated to reverse mortgage. Her passion is to help old folks get a home secure mortgage to own their own home. If I am to name my mentor in reverse mortgages, it must be pretty and hardworking Linda. 

Jerry Flitpatrick is a young graduate of law. He is not at all related to mortgage directly but shares a passion of helping people. His newly opened law firm offers legal services to people above 50 years at half the price. I met him just a couple of years back and we have been friends ever since. He also takes care of the legal angle of my reverse mortgage work.   

Donald Williams is a mortgage broker. He helps people secure the best mortgage deal in relation to their specific circumstances. He practically knows all the information on mortgage loans and how to secure credit and is an occasional contributor to Mortgage Rates & News. His list of happy clients that he has helped secure mortgage loans of various types is very impressive. Donald runs a blog about payday loans care in his spare time. For guidance and advice, I turn to Mortgage Donald.

Lemur Cole is my friend I met in school. We are both studying at the same University and share the same aspiration on becoming mortgage brokers specialized in reverse mortgages.  

Andy Coleman is a new graduate and already a practicing mortgage broker. 33 year old Andy also has a passion to help old people and have easy access to reverse mortgage information.


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