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Bio: My Life and Obsesion with Reverse Mortgages

(Note: Due to my humbleness, I did not write this page myself, instead my friend Lemur Cole put it together.)

A lively intelligent figure with a passion for reverse mortgage, Gary Halk was born 25 years ago in California. Gary was raised by a single mom after his Dad died when he was 9.  His maternal Grandfather passed away when he was 12 years old after which the family moved south. Gary’s mother was an elementary school teacher and instilled in young Gary a desire to read and absolve information. Gary won best student prize in his class when he was aged 9. He has represented in his high school in a lot of contests and academic excellence. 

After High school Gary immediately took a two year course in web designs and Java systems designs. At the completion of the course at age 19, Gary immediately went to work for a firm designing interactive online games. He however felt he was not fulfilling his dream to be a mortgage broker and thus went back to the University at age 22 to study real estate. 

Over the years his passion for mortgages and especially reverse mortgage has only increased. Fueled by personal experiences he has begun to carve out a niche as one offering reverse mortgage broker advice and services while he still had two more years of study before completing his undergraduate studies.  

Gary Halk is presently in his final year, but with his Wild Mirror pet project he already has amassed a growing list of happy clients and experience that belies his age and position. Armed with a circle of professional buddies, Gary can only get better in his chosen reverse mortgage niche.  

When not studying, Gary enjoys board games and is a very good swimmer. He still loves building and playing interactive games in spare times. Gary presently resides in a suburb down South and is engaged to be married to Rebecca.

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